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Apio Inc


4575 W. Main Street, Guadalupe, California 93434, U.S.A


Dr Shehbaz Singh (Principal Scientist)

Apio, Inc. was founded by five celery growers in the Santa Maria Valley, CA. The name “Apio” means “celery” in Spanish. By 1982 Apio built its own prototype broccoli-packing trailer, a revolutionary concept considering that all broccoli was field packed into bins. As a result, Apio grew to one of the largest broccoli shippers in the world., , 1990 – Apio received worldwide exposure when President George Bush banned broccoli from Air Force One. In response, Apio sent a truckload of broccoli to the White House and asked the President to reconsider his decision. The gift resulted in an avalanche of press coverage that came to be known as “broccoligate.”, , 1996 – Apio developed a full fresh-cut category including bagged vegetables and party trays processed at its Guadalupe, CA facility under the Eat Smart® brand., , 1999 – Apio was acquired by Landec Corporation (NASDAQ: LNDC) of Menlo Park, CA. The inventors of what would come to be known as BreatheWay technology – Landec and Apio were long-term partners in the pursuit of innovative packaging technologies for fresh products. Through this acquisition, Apio became part of a publicly traded company and operates as a wholly owned subsidiary of Landec., , 2002 – Apio introduced a revolutionary ‘flip-and-serve’ party tray offering superior merchandising efficiencies and consumer convenience., , 2011 – Apio and Landec invest in a 20% ownership of Windset Farms. A market and innovation leader in greenhouse agriculture, Windset owns facilities in Canada as well as Nevada and California., , 2012 – Apio acquires GreenLine Foods and broadens its product lines to include the GreenLine brand of green bean products. With this comes an increased ability to provide improved national distribution and improved regional presence for both brands., , Today – Apio is a major processor, shipper, distributor, and exporter of vegetables. With its Eat Smart and GreenLine products, Apio manufactures two of the leading vegetable brands sold within the United States. A wide variety of blends and package configurations can be found through our food service channel as well as retail grocery stores, club stores, and wholesale stores throughout the US, Mexico and Canada.,



IAPRI 2018

The 21st IAPRI World Conference on Packaging will take place between 19-22 June in Zhuhai, China. It is hosted by Jinan University and Hunan University of Technology. For more information please click here

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