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Belgium Packaging Institute


Research Park
Kranenberg 10
1731 Zellik


Marleen Calcoen/Maxence Wittebolle (Director/General Director)


+32 2 464 02 10


+32 2 464 02 39


Created in 1954, the BPI is a service centre with as main objectif to render assistance to manufacturers, transformers, distributers and consumers of all kind of packages.

Concretely this assistance counts four basic areas : education, information & documentation, technical help and quality testing of packages in various environments by means of our packaging laboratory and research and development.

The BPI is a neutral and objectif organism that is recognized by the Ministry for the execution of several quality controls of packaging materials and packages.

The administration of the BPI is entrust to a Board in which the representatifs of the professional federations and the different public authorities are seated.

Nevertheless the BPI is an autonomous organism that creates here own resources to finance here activities.

As a service centre the BPI is open to everyone. Every solicitude regarding packages is also that of the BPI.

Nevertheless, the BPI works also with a membership system. At the moment nearly 200 companies are member of the BPI, receiving many benefits including cost reduction for testing, training programmes etc ...

The speciality of the BPI covers services under the following headings:

  • Information and documentation
  • Training: specialized courses and seminars, in company trainings.
  • Testing: The packaging laboratory of the BPI build up a many years' specialised experience regarding testing of packaging materials and packages. All our testings are performed following the official standards and testing procedures.

The packaging laboratory is active in mainly six areas:

  • physico-chemical tests on packaging material and packages
  • testing of packages for dangerous goods
  • (flexible) intermediate bulk containers
  • consumer food packaging
  • quality control
  • consultancy

Research and development

The BPI participates regularly at research and development programmes usually issued by the European Commission. These programmes concerns all kind of examination projects in the field of packaging, training programmes, diagnoses, etc.


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