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Since 1964, the International Trade Centre has helped the business sectors of developing and transition economies to develop exports. Our goal is to help these countries to achieve sustainable human development through exports, with an emphasis on competitiveness. Our daily contact with business executives and export strategy-makers over the course of four decades has given us a unique perspective and experience. We are known as a practical agency that has embraced reform, encourages partnerships and fosters innovation. In the past 40 years, globalization has brought trade to everyone's backyard. Yet only a handful of developing countries have managed to seize the potential of trade for development. In today's world, our mandate is more relevant than ever. Today, trade is recognized as an avenue for development, and many organizations support trade as a part of their work. Yet ITC remains the only international organization focused solely on trade development for developing and transition economies. We remain specialized, focused, flexible and client-oriented. To achieve our mandate, we work in partnership with national, regional and international bodies around the world. Our ultimate clients are export-oriented firms, especially small and medium-sized enterprises in developing countries. Our aim is to deliver relevant, world-class trade development services, in partnership with others, so that we serve as a catalyst to help countries create better jobs, and raise income, for their people. ITC's trade development approach reflects its emphasis on being a practical agency. We are a technical cooperation organization that builds national capacity through trade-related technical assistance programmes. This approach has been acknowledged in WTO's Doha Ministerial Declaration and in the Monterrey Consensus (the outcome of the International Conference on Financing for Development). About packaging Helping SMEs develop effective, economical and environmentally friendly packages that meet target market requirements. The impact of globalisation is increasingly visible in the field of packaging. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) from developing countries and transition economies have to comply with international regulations and standards for their packaging, as well as with target market specifications and requirements on safety, health and environmental protection. Faced with quickly growing competition in both domestic and international markets, smaller companies with export potential need practical up to date information on export packaging ITC's Export Packaging Products for SMEs --enhance the competitiveness of developing country enterprises through improved export packaging --upgrade export packaging knowledge and skills amongst exporters and their suppliers of packaging and packaging services ITC's Export Packaging Service for SMEs --systematic dissemination of information on packaging technologies and issues affecting packaging, adapted to the specific needs of developing countries --train users of packaging and export packaging professionals --up to date handbooks, bulletin and other packaging training tools --technical assistance to packaging service institutions and trade promotion organizations


IAPRI 2018

The 21st IAPRI World Conference on Packaging will take place between 19-22 June in Zhuhai, China. It is hosted by Jinan University and Hunan University of Technology. For more information please click here

Latest News

IAPRI Extends the Deadline for the PepsiCo Student Exchange Scholarship for Research

IAPRI is pleased to announce that PepsiCo is sponsoring the 2018-2019 IAPRI Student Exchange Scholarship.

PepsiCo had stated this in support of the Scholarship: 'We believe this scholarship will provide a deserving student the critical skills and research experience in the field of packaging, needed for a successful career in a packaging or a consumer products company.'

The scholarship is $7,000 and 6 months with the objective of graduate students travel to a member organisation to undertake research that will enhance their work. We have a number of members who are interested in hosting students and we will help applicants contact potential hosts.

The deadline for submissions has beem extended until the 19th of March 2018. Full details will be found at