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Lansmont Corporation


17 Mandeville Court Monterey California 93940


Eric Joneson (Vice President - Marketing and Technology)

Other staff

Dave Huntley (President)

Peter Brown (Vice President, Operations)

Joe Driscoll (Chief Executive Officer)

Carole Hays (Marketing Coordinator)

Kevin Gilman (Engineering Manager)

Dale Root (Software Development)

Bryan Williams (Marketing Specialist)


+1 831 655-6600


+1 831 655-6606

Lansmont Corporation is a recognized industry-leader, providing solutions for customers challenged with product transport and in-use environmental measurement & simulations. Lansmont uses their expertise to design, manufacture, and deliver innovative self-powered environmental data recorders. They also design and manufacture laboratory test equipment, such as shock, vibration, compression and drop test machines which simulate environmental inputs and hazards. Lansmont provides equipment and services to manufacturing and logistics companies in many different industry categories (Medical Device, Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage, Automotive, Electronics, Aerospace, Military, Carriers, Insurance, etc.). Their customer list reads as a Fortune 500 who's who; Intel, Dell, Apple, Johnson & Johnson, Merck, Harley-Davidson, Daimler Chrysler, Honda, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, U.S. Navy, U.S. Army …. If a product is manufactured, it has to be transported. If it is transported, it usually needs protective packaging to assure it will arrive without degradation or damage. Whether it's HP printers moving from China to North America or Amgen biological products moving from Puerto Rico to Europe, there's no doubt they both use Lansmont technologies to make sure their products travel expeditiously without damage disrupting the process. Lansmont works closely with both domestic and international universities associated with mechanical and package engineering, for example: --Michigan State University --Cal Poly San Luis Obispo --University of Wisconsin-Stout --San Jose State University --Clemson University --Rochester Institute of Technology --Indiana State University --University of Florida --University of Colorado --Victoria University, Australia --Kobe University, Japan --Zhuzhou Institute of Technology, China Lansmont is involved with several industry sponsorships, for example: --IoPP (Institute of Packaging Professionals) AmeriStar Best of Show --ISTA (International Safe Transit Association) --Michigan State University School of Packaging Consortium for Distribution Packaging

IAPRI 2018

The 21st IAPRI World Conference on Packaging will take place between 19-22 June in Zhuhai, China. It is hosted by Jinan University and Hunan University of Technology. For more information please click here

Latest News

IAPRI Symposium attracts over 130 delegates

The IAPRI Symposium in Lausanne (9-12 May) attracted delegates over 130 delegates from 20 countries. There were 99 papers in total out of which 69 are oral.

Marie Rushton, IAPRI Secretary General says 'This excellent event brought researchers from all over the world to network and develop strong links'