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International association of packaging research institutes

Oestfold Research Foundation (STØ)


Gamle Beddingvei 2 1671 Kråkerøy P.O.Box 276 N-1601 Fredrikstad


Ms Synnøve Rubach (Team leader Food and Packaging, Research Scientist)

Other staff

Mr Hans Olav Moen (Director)

Dr Ole Jørgen Hanssen (Research Manager Preventive Environmental Research)

Dr Torbjørn Korsvold (Research Manager Business and Regional Development)

Ms Anne Rønning (Team Leader Private and Public Services)

Ms Hanne Lerche Raadal (Team Leader Waste and Energy Resources)


+47 69 35 11 00


+47 69 34 24 94

Østfold Research Foundation (STØ) is a private research centre located in Fredrikstad, SE Norway. STØ was established in 1988 as a private, non-profit foundation, where local municipalities, the county council and a number of private companies are the founders. STØ work within two main areas: Preventive Environmental research and Business and Regional Development. STØ has a total of 22 employees. STØ shall work with applied R&D, contributing to sustainable development within the private and public sector with particular focus on added value and efficient utilization of available resources. STØ shall, as a regional research foundation, focus particularly on regional approaches according to the needs of the founders, as well as work on national and international assignments. STØ has been involved in several national and international packaging projects related to packaging waste management and minimisation, and packaging optimisation and prevention over the last 10 years.


IAPRI 2018

The 21st IAPRI World Conference on Packaging will take place between 19-22 June in Zhuhai, China. It is hosted by Jinan University and Hunan University of Technology. For more information please click here

Latest News

IAPRI Symposium attracts over 130 delegates

The IAPRI Symposium in Lausanne (9-12 May) attracted delegates over 130 delegates from 20 countries. There were 99 papers in total out of which 69 are oral.

Marie Rushton, IAPRI Secretary General says 'This excellent event brought researchers from all over the world to network and develop strong links'