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International association of packaging research institutes

ofi - Packaging Institute


Brehmstrasse 14a, 1030 Wien, Austria


DI Johannes Bergmair (Head of Institute)

Other staff

Michael Washuettl (Testing/research)

Michael Krainz (Testing/research)

Beatrix Wepner (Testing/research)

Manfred Tacker (Testing/research)


+43-1-798 16 01-976


+43-1-798 16 01-8

Testing, expert opinions and consultancy on packaging

OFI's experts will find the right answer to any question arising with regard to food and packaging production. We pay particular attention to material quality, packaging processes, transport, safety of packaged goods and furthermore, to quick, practical solutions. Packaging of food, non-food articles, pharmaceutical products, cosmetics and many other products has to meet specific requirements, which have to be taken into account in each individual case.


IAPRI 2018

The 21st IAPRI World Conference on Packaging will take place between 19-22 June in Zhuhai, China. It is hosted by Jinan University and Hunan University of Technology. For more information please click here

Latest News

IAPRI Symposium attracts over 130 delegates

The IAPRI Symposium in Lausanne (9-12 May) attracted delegates over 130 delegates from 20 countries. There were 99 papers in total out of which 69 are oral.

Marie Rushton, IAPRI Secretary General says 'This excellent event brought researchers from all over the world to network and develop strong links'