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International association of packaging research institutes

Packaging Engineering Institute, Jinan University


Guangdong 519070


Dr Wang Zhi-Wei (Professor, JNU Assistant President, PEI Director, Dean of Zhuhai College)

Other staff

Wang Zhi-Wei (Professor, PhD, Distribution Packaging, Food Packaging Technology)

Lu Xin-Guang (Professor, PhD, Packaging Printing, Packaging Machinery)

Ms Hong-Wei (Professor, PhD, Distribution Packaging, Shock and Vibration)

Ou Shi-Yi (Professor, PhD, Food Packaging Technology)

Zhang Zi-Yong (Professor, PhD, Packaging Material)

Lu Guang-Qing (Associate Professor, PhD, Distribution Packaging, Packaging Machinery)

Hu Chang-Ying (Associate Professor, PhD, Food and Pharmaceutical Packaging, Packaging Machinery)

Pang Dong-Mei (Assistant Professor, PhD, Packaging Material, Food and Pharmaceutical Packaging)

Guo Xin-Hun (Assistant Professor, Food and Pharmaceutical Packaging, Active Packaging)

Zhu Yong (Assistant Professor, Packaging Processes, Packaging Machinery)


+86 756 8508307 / 8505200


+86 756 8508307 / 8505200

Founded in 1906, Jinan University (JNU) is one of the oldest universities and the first university that recruits foreign students in China. Under the guidance of the university motto "loyalty, sincerity, integrity and respect", in line with the aim of "modernization, internationalization and comprehensiveness", JNU became one of the '211' key national universities and the university with the largest number of overseas students in China.

Comprising four campuses (two in Guanzhuo, one in Zhuhai and one in Shenzen), JNU counts currently 22,174 full-time students coming from 77 countries and regions, including 16,506 undergraduate students and 6,890 graduate students. Also JNU have 12,108 overseas students, among whom 868 are studying for graduate grogrammes. Different cultures converge and blend in JNU.

The Packaging Engineering Institute (PEI) is an academic unit of JNU, established in March 2005 and located in Zhuhai campus and Zhuhai College. PEI provides packaging education, research and related services, and is also the Key Lab of Packaging Material and Technology designated and supported by the People's Government of Zhuhai, which is one of the first special economic zones in China.

PEI offers BS, MS, PhD degree programmes in Packaging Engineering. Current research areas include food and pharmaceutical packaging, distribution packaging, packaging process and machinery, and packaging printing. At present six MS and ten PhD students of packaging engineering are enrolled in PEI and 30 undergraduate students of packaging engineering and overseas are enrolled every year in China.


IAPRI 2017 -Call for papers opens

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