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Packaging Technology Center - CETEA


Av. Brasil, 2880 13073-001 Campinas/SP


Luis Madi (General Director)

Other staff

Assis Garcia (Director of CETEA / Manager Transport and Distribution)

Eloísa Garcia (Manager/Plastic and Environment)

Sílvia Dantas (Manager/Metal and Glass)

Ana Paula (Reis Researcher/Cellulosic)

Anna Lúcia Mourad (Researcher/Cellulosic)

Claire Sarantópoulos (Researcher/Plastic)

Elisabete Saron (Researcher/Metal)

Fiorella Dantas (Researcher/Metal and Glass)

Guilherme Queiroz (Researcher/Plastic and Environment)

Jozeti Gatti (Researcher/Metal)


+ 55 19 37431800


+ 55 19 37431719

The Packaging Technology Center (CETEA) was created in 1982 as a response to the demand of the industrial sector involved in the Packaging Area in Brazil. It was, until 2002, the only Packaging Center in the country. Since its creation, CETEA has attached a significant number of private sector companies due to the excellence of its services, laboratories and staff. It belongs to ITAL from the Secretary of Agriculture of the State of São Paulo. CETEA's main a activities are: Research and Development, Testing, Courses and Seminars, Information and Consultancy. The Advisory Board was created in 1988, and today has 24 members, 20 from the Private Sector. Also in 1988, the Membership system was introduced and today more than 150 companies participate.

World Conference on Packaging 2018

The 21st IAPRI World Conference on Packaging will take place between 19-22 June in Zhuhai, China. It is hosted by Jinan University and Hunan University of Technology. Delegates and presenters at IAPRI events are used to finding themselves in impressive settings, and the Zhuhai Conference promises to be no exception, both in terms of the event venue itself and the locations for the social program.

 Meanwhile, huge progress has been made by the International Scientific Committee in refining the final program. Zhi-Wei Wang is professor and assistant president at JNU as well as being Conference chair. He explains: “Of the 207 abstracts approved for the general stream, 122 are accepted as oral presentations and 85 as poster presentations. In the peer review stream, 22 full papers were accepted for review. According to Dave Shires of Packaging Technology and Science, the review process for the peer review stream will be completed by April.”

The seven keynote speakers kicking off proceedings will be just the first of many highpoints over the four days of the event. A floating Official Dinner on the Wednesday will see former IAPRI President Thomas Goedecke being presented with the Lifetime Achievement Award. Presentations from contenders for IAPRI’s Student Exchange Scholarship (generously sponsored by PepsiCo) will be staged on the Thursday.

 Regarding social activities, Zhi-Wei Wang says: “We plan to host the Official Dinner as a banquet in a ship-like restaurant off the coast, with local artistic performances. The view there is very beautiful, both of the sea itself and the newly-built Zhuhai Opera House.” Former IAPRI president Thomas Goedecke, of BAM, Germany, will be present at the onboard banquet to receive his Lifetime Achievement Award, in recognition of his huge contribution both professionally and within IAPRI over the years.

In contrast to the Official Dinner, the Social Dinner will take place on the outskirts of Zhuhai, in “a place with a strong flavor of the countryside,” says Zhi-Wei Wang.

Three Working Group (WG) meetings will take place on the afternoon of the final day, after the IAPRI General Meeting, starting with the Packaging and Consumers WG and then with the Distribution Packaging and Sustainable Packaging

For more information and to register for the conference please click here

Latest News

IAPRI PepsiCo Student Exchange Scholarship for Research

IAPRI is pleased to announce that PepsiCo is sponsoring the 2018-2019 IAPRI Student Exchange Scholarship.

PepsiCo had stated this in support of the Scholarship: 'We believe this scholarship will provide a deserving student the critical skills and research experience in the field of packaging, needed for a successful career in a packaging or a consumer products company.'

The scholarship is $7,000 and 6 months with the objective of graduate students travel to a member organisation to undertake research that will enhance their work. The applications are in and video presentations will be made at the Confernce in China, then attending members will vote to select the scholarship winner.