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International association of packaging research institutes

Packaging Technology Center - CETEA


Av. Brasil, 2880 13073-001 Campinas/SP


Luis Madi (General Director)

Other staff

Assis Garcia (Director of CETEA / Manager Transport and Distribution)

Eloísa Garcia (Manager/Plastic and Environment)

Sílvia Dantas (Manager/Metal and Glass)

Ana Paula (Reis Researcher/Cellulosic)

Anna Lúcia Mourad (Researcher/Cellulosic)

Claire Sarantópoulos (Researcher/Plastic)

Elisabete Saron (Researcher/Metal)

Fiorella Dantas (Researcher/Metal and Glass)

Guilherme Queiroz (Researcher/Plastic and Environment)

Jozeti Gatti (Researcher/Metal)


+ 55 19 37431800


+ 55 19 37431719

The Packaging Technology Center (CETEA) was created in 1982 as a response to the demand of the industrial sector involved in the Packaging Area in Brazil. It was, until 2002, the only Packaging Center in the country. Since its creation, CETEA has attached a significant number of private sector companies due to the excellence of its services, laboratories and staff. It belongs to ITAL from the Secretary of Agriculture of the State of São Paulo. CETEA's main a activities are: Research and Development, Testing, Courses and Seminars, Information and Consultancy. The Advisory Board was created in 1988, and today has 24 members, 20 from the Private Sector. Also in 1988, the Membership system was introduced and today more than 150 companies participate.

IAPRI 2017

The 28th IAPRI Symposium is taking place between the 9-12 May 2017 in Lausanne, Switzerland. it is hosted jointly by Vaud University of Applied Sciences and Nestec. For details please click here.

Latest News

IAPRI Symposium attracts over 130 delegates

The forthcoming IAPRI Symposium in Lausanne (9-12 May) has attracted delegates over 130 delegates from 20 countries. There are 99 papers in total out of which 69 are oral and there will be posters and keynotes included in the programme.

Marie Rushton, IAPRI Secretary General says 'We are looking forward to an excellent event where researchers from all over the world will network and develop strong links'