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International association of packaging research institutes

The Technion Packaging Laboratory


Technion-Israel Institute of Technology Haifa, 32000


Prof Joseph Miltz (Head of Laboratory)

Other staff

Nehama Passy (Lab. Engineer)

Itzik Besser (Lab Technician)




+972-48293603, +972-48292903


The Laboratory staff is involved in the following activities: Education: --teaching and educating students towards their B.Sc., M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees. Research and Development in the following areas: --Migration of residual monomers and solvents from packaging materials into food and food simulants --Active and Modified Atmosphere Packaging --Diffusion and Permeability of gases and aroma --Structure-Property-Application relationship in polymeric packaging materials --Interaction between packages and their contents --Shelf life of shelf-stable foods in high gas-barrier packages --Heating, crisping and browning of foods in the microwave oven --Recycling of plastic materials and packages --Cushioning properties of plastic foams and corrugated board --Protection of fragile products during handling and transportation (Shock and Vibration) Consultation, Testing and Certification: --Consulting, trouble shooting, problems solving, testing and certification of packages for contact with foods and for dangerous goods.


IAPRI 2018

The 21st IAPRI World Conference on Packaging will take place between 19-22 June in Zhuhai, China. It is hosted by Jinan University and Hunan University of Technology. For more information please click here

Latest News

IAPRI Symposium attracts over 130 delegates

The IAPRI Symposium in Lausanne (9-12 May) attracted delegates over 130 delegates from 20 countries. There were 99 papers in total out of which 69 are oral.

Marie Rushton, IAPRI Secretary General says 'This excellent event brought researchers from all over the world to network and develop strong links'