Working Groups

IAPRI members can select to join any of the following four working groups.

Packaging and Consumers
Mission statement

To provide a forum for exchanging views and ideas on consumer-packaging interaction research including:
  • Human factors research (methodology)
  • Consumer research (methodology)
  • User-centered packaging design
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Distribution Packaging
Mission: To provide a forum for the exchange of views and ideas on distribution packaging research including:
  • Identify those issues related to distribution packaging that are seen to be important, relevant to the broader distribution packaging community and need reviewing.
  • Tackle various aspects relating to distribution packaging that remain unresolved or in need of improvement.
  • Meet regularly to engage in forward looking discussions and set the research agenda.
  • Promote the exchange of students and personnel across institutions.
  • Promote collaborative research projects across institutions
  • Work together to increase the likelihood of attracting research / development funding to assist us in our research
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Sustainable Packaging
Mission statement

To create a forum for exchanging views around packaging and sustainability, to share ongoing activities and to foster an understanding of packaging contribution to sustainability.

Sustainable Packaging

Active and Intelligent Packaging
Mission statement

Developing a global network on Active and Intelligent Packaging
  • To accelerate the interaction between the researchers in the active and intelligent packaging area
  • To exchange ideas and research topics
  • To promote collaborations between the institutions and researchers
  • To promote exchange of students and researchers
  • To promote collaborations between researches from academia and industry
The A&I Packaging WG has been approved by the IAPRI Board and will meet for the first time at the 2019 IAPRI Symposium at Twente University.
Anyone interested in join the working group should contact Selcuk Yildirim of Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW)

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