Lifetime Achievement Award

At the 21st World Conference on Packaging IAPRI bestowed its Lifetime Achievement Award to former President Thomas Goedecke of BAM from Germany.

As current IAPRI President Jay Singh explained, his recent nomination as head of BAM’s Dangerous Goods division underlines a personal contribution to this area of packaging science over several decades. He added: “Thomas worked tirelessly to develop IAPRI over 16 years; first as board member, then Vice President and finally as President for seven years, until 2016.” New initiatives during his presidency included the Student Exchange Scholarship. “This program has had huge success in encouraging young researchers to continue their work at other IAPRI member organizations.”

Another major innovation in the years to 2016 was the opening of IAPRI to corporate membership. This was managed in a way which allowed research institutes to align their work better with industry needs, while not jeopardizing IAPRI’s core values. An award of this kind is also about character, and attributes such as courage and determination. “Despite being ill with cancer at the time, Thomas went ahead and kept the commitment of hosting the IAPRI Berlin Symposium in 2011,” Singh recalled.

Prior Life Time Achievement Award Recipients

2016 - Mr. Luis Madi
Technical Director at ITAL - Institute of Food Technology
Campinas, São Paulo, Brazil
2014 - Dr. Anders Sörås
Managing Director – PACKFORSK – The Swedish Packaging Institute
Stockholm, Sweden
2012 - Dr. Bruce Harte
Director of the School of Packaging, Michigan State University
East Lansing, MI USA


Purpose of the Award

The purpose of the award is to honor an individual who has done for the IAPRI packaging research community over many years outstanding work and service which have uniquely strengthened and advanced the growth of IAPRI and its reputation as the leading global research and education association. There should be evidence for sustained and recognized contributions to the work of IAPRI.

The award will be granted every two years at the biannual IAPRI Conference.

Specific Eligibility Criteria

A person who is currently serving as an IAPRI Board Member is not eligible for nomination.

Nomination of Candidates

Calls for nominations will be sent to each IAPRI board member and all member organizations.

The nominations should contain the following information:

 a) Curriculum vitae of the candidate (in English, not exceeding two A4 pages, preferably sent by e-mail). 

 b) A statement of the reasons why the candidate has been nominated (in English, not exceeding two A4 pages, preferably sent by e-mail).

 c) Name, address, e-mail and telephone number of the nominee.

 d) Name, address, e-mail and telephone number of the individual/group making the nomination. 

 e) A recent photograph of the nominee. 

Nominations should be received before 1 February of the year in which the award is presented and sent to the IAPRI Secretary General, Ed Church.

Secretary General, IAPRI

IAPRI Secretariat


All nominations will be acknowledged.

Selection and Award

The IAPRI president shall appoint a committee that will review the nominations and make recommendations to the IAPRI board. The committee shall develop and use an objective, criteria-based system for evaluating nominations to ensure consistency and fairness over time. The system is subject to the approval of the IAPRI board. 

Nominees must be or have been an employee of an IAPRI member institution. The award recognizes an individual who meets the following criteria:
  1. The nominee should have had a significant impact on IAPRI
  2. The recipient’s achievements should have had a lasting and significant impact on packaging.
  3. The nominee should have participated in IAPRI conferences and symposia over many years.
  4. The nominee should have participated in other IAPRI activities, such as organizing IAPRI events, contributing in Working Groups, etc.
The IAPRI board will make a decision on the recommendations of the committee. All deliberations will be in private and the IAPRI board will not disclose the reasons for an award being declined. The IAPRI board decision on all matters is final.

Awardees will be recognized during the Official Dinner of the IAPRI Conference, and the IAPRI President will present the award. The Awards consist of a commemorative gift, a contribution to the airfare based on standard rate of up to 1000 pounds sterling and free registration for the conference.

If a suitable candidate is not found or there are no nominations, the award will not be presented during the next conference.

June 2015