Membership Categories And Types

Membership status shall be categorized either as a Full Member, Affiliate Member, or Other Member

Full Members are eligible to

  • the monthly e- newsletter - packaging research and education
  • reduced price entry to IAPRI events
  • entry to the IAPRI Member Conference (once every two years)
  • membership to IAPRI Communities of Interest:
    • Packaging and Consumers
    • Distribution Packaging
    • Sustainable Packaging
    • Active and Intelligent Packaging
    • University Education
  • Eligibility for IAPRI Scholarships and Awards
  • Listing in the IAPRI Member Directory on the web site
  • Listing of member researchers in the Researcher Directory
  • Access for all Member Associates to the member only part of the web site:
    • Archives including papers from IAPRI events 
    • Career Center Listings
    • Discussion Boards
In addition Full Members can:
  • apply to host a IAPRI event
  • apply to become a IAPRI director
  • have voting rights

Full Membership consist of two types: Institutional and Corporate

Institutional Membership 

Institutional Membership in IAPRI is open to institutions where research into packaging or the development of test methods in packaging or development and implementation of higher educational programs are a focused center of activity. The institutions must be willing to exchange information with other members of IAPRI regarding the results of their research at conferences, symposia, and within working groups..

The Institutional membership fee is $695 (US) per annum

Corporate Membership

Corporate Membership is available to for-profit entities having a demonstrable interest in packaging research, testing and/or higher education activities and wanting to receive recognition as supporters of IAPRI. The entities should be willing to exchange information with other members of IAPRI regarding the results of their research at conferences, other events, and within working groups. Corporate membership is limited to a maximum of twenty-five (25%) of the Full Membership category members.

The corporate membership fee is $1,325 (US) per annum

Affiliate Membership

Affiliate Membership is granted to associations/societies who are not actively involved in packaging research, test method development and/or higher education programs but are ready, willing and able to contribute with technical or educational intelligence of interest to IAPRI in support of the aims of IAPRI. The Board may propose additional terms of reference for any new Affiliate member.   

Affiliate Members have the same rights, duties and entitlements as a Full Member except for voting rights, severing on the board of directors and hosting events.

The IAPRI affiliate membership fee is $695 (US) per annum

Other Membership

Other Membership as a category is allowed in the by-laws, although at this time there are no Other Membership Types established by the board of directors.

To apply for IAPRI membership please click here for the application form.