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 IAPRI CoPs are groups of individuals within the IAPRI membership who share a common interest, concern, or a set of problems in an area of Packaging who come together (face to face or in a virtual environment) to fulfill both individual and group (community) goals.

A CoP is a technique for connecting these people in the spirit of sharing knowledge, learning, and collaborating.  CoPs focus on sharing best practices and creating new knowledge to enhance existing practices. They rely upon engaging on an ongoing basis.

How does the CoP benefit those that participate in them?
  • They can apply relevant in-depth knowledge that allows them to do their job better
  • They able to obtain reliable knowledge support in finding solutions to their work-related issues and make sound decisions
  • They can transfer know-how by comparing their knowhow to others and contribute and strengthen the knowledge base of their organization
  • They can easily connect with like minded people who share similar interests
  • They replace and update old and redundant technology with reliable and current technologies that may have been adapted from other basic and applied sciences

How can IAPRI cultivate Communities of Practice

  • Select packaging areas of focus that many individuals in the IAPRI community of members work in and want to discuss
  •  Identify ‘Champions’ who are well versed in these areas
  •  Organize regular discussions to build issues relating to the areas that facilitate the sharing of experiences and knowhow. Discuss new ideas and approaches related to the areas
  •  Capture these discussion in online forums then circulate to the community for feedback or opinions and enhance their ‘Knowledge Base’

How to Sustain our Communities of Practice

  • Ensure content is relevant and verified by the CoP Champions
  • Foster an environment where members can share the experiences
  • Ensure that IAPRI Member institutes support, allocate time and resources to support people to participate in the community of practice
  • IAPRI CoP’s needs to “capture experiences” to enhance engagement
  • Cultivate the practices and the knowledge sharing community

Anyone from an IAPRI member can join any of the following Communities of Practice (CoP).

Packaging and Consumers
Mission statement

To provide a forum for exchanging views and ideas on consumer-packaging interaction research including:
  • Human factors research (methodology)
  • Consumer research (methodology)
  • User-centered packaging design
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Distribution Packaging
Mission: To provide a forum for the exchange of views and ideas on distribution packaging research including:
  • Identify those issues related to distribution packaging that are seen to be important, relevant to the broader distribution packaging community and need reviewing.
  • Tackle various aspects relating to distribution packaging that remain unresolved or in need of improvement.
  • Meet regularly to engage in forward looking discussions and set the research agenda.
  • Promote the exchange of students and personnel across institutions.
  • Promote collaborative research projects across institutions
  • Work together to increase the likelihood of attracting research / development funding to assist us in our research
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Sustainable Packaging
Mission statement

To create a forum for exchanging views around packaging and sustainability, to share ongoing activities and to foster an understanding of packaging contribution to sustainability.

Sustainable Packaging

Active and Intelligent Packaging
Mission statement

Developing a global network on Active and Intelligent Packaging
  • To accelerate the interaction between the researchers in the active and intelligent packaging area
  • To exchange ideas and research topics
  • To promote collaborations between the institutions and researchers
  • To promote exchange of students and researchers
  • To promote collaborations between researches from academia and industry
Anyone interested in join the CoP should contact Selcuk Yildirim of Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW)

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University Education
Mission Statement

To bring together Packaging Academics from around the World to improve knowledge sharing amongst IAPRI members by fostering positive communications that enhance Packaging Education and Research within their respective institutions, leading to an improved quality of life for their respective clientele.

The Education UECoP is a:
  • Community that will evolve to address commonly shared interests and problems.
  • Place for educators to come together in real time to collaborate, ask questions, share resources, and remain up to date in current best practices.
  • Forum in which educators can address issues important to them, learn from the group, and ultimately become better at what they do.
  • Networking opportunity where educators can interact with others from around the world.
  • Source for peer review of scientific research for publication by IAPRI.
If you want to join the Packaging Education CoP and you qualify: Click on this link: