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Jan 29 2023

The Passing of Dennis Young

The Packaging community has lost a creative, influential giant whose ability to communicate and transfer knowledge and expertise literally changed distribution packaging. On January 20th, Dennis Young passed away after a year of medical issues.
Dec 21 2022

IAPRI"s New Mission and Vision Statements

The IAPRI Board of Directors announces the creation of a new Mission and Vision Statements for the association. Over the past two months and a couple of meetings, the statement has been completed along with some modification to our Aims. This all can be found on the “About Us” page on the IAPRI website.
Nov 26 2022

Registration Open for the IAPRI Member Conference in May 2023

The website for the IAPRI Member Conference is up and running. Find out how to submit a paper proposal for presenting your recent research, how to register for the event and travel information for Mumbai, India.

Research News

Jan 30 2023

Clemson researcher creates protective millet starch film

Research at Clemson University in the US has identified a combination of millet-derived starch and the invasive kudzu plant species as the basis for an improved-performance biodegradable, nanocomposite film for foods.
Nov 8 2022

IAPRI Offers New Process for Members to Seek Research Collaborating Partner/s

IAPRI, to help facilitate our research community in their effort to announce that they are in search of a collaborating partner/s on an new research project under development has created a submission form that announces this to the membership.
Sep 27 2022

Aalto and VTT work on FOLD paperboard project

Finland’s Aalto University and VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd. have been working on the FOLD project, involving other Finnish businesses in developing folded paperboard alternatives to non-paper packaging, with a new software program now aiding progression from the theory of origami and Miura folding to practical prototypes.

Member News

Jan 27 2023

New CEO and research director for Nofima

Nofima, Norway, has this month appointed both a new research director and a new chief executive officer (CEO).
Dec 27 2022

PTR Finland completes work on SUSPACK project

The EU’s SusPack project, funded by the Erasmus+ program, completed its final online event at the end of November, with Finland’s Packaging Testing & Research (PTR) one of three organizations taking part.
Dec 27 2022

Belgium’s IBE-BVI invests in equipment and additional lab

The Belgian Packaging Institute (IBE-BVI) has invested in a new Lansmont vibration table and an additional climate test chamber as part of an expansion program which saw a third test hall become operational in September 2022.

Conference Spotlight

Oct 28 2022

Lessons in Machine Learning

In their IAPRI 2022 Conference paper looking at the compression strength of corrugated packaging, Khadijeh Shirzad and Amin Joodaky of MSU School of Packaging define Machine Learning (ML) as “a subfield of artificial intelligence that develops a mathematical approach to predict complex patterns of sample data”.

Technology Spotlight

Dec 23 2022

Fresh approaches to sustainability

When it comes to interpretations of ‘sustainability’ relating to packaging, a glance at the list of IAPRI Conference papers this year and in previous years shows a primary focus on bio-based (including biodegradable) materials. Among brands and consumers, on the other hand – and some researchers - the emphasis has fallen on mechanical recycling and recyclability. Others are exploring less familiar approaches.

Member Profile

Nov 28 2022

For Nofima, Norway, research takes many directions

The Norwegian Institute of Food, Fisheries and Aquaculture Research (Nofima) boasts nearly 400 employees across five different locations, with the head office in Tromsø in the far north and many food packaging functions centred on Ås, outside Oslo in the south.


Dec 23 2022

"Playing to our strengths" Roland ten Klooster, IAPRI President

IAPRI has shown in the past that it can be much more than the sum of its parts. But for it to return to that full strength, and provide the most benefits to all, we ask each of you to step up – join us in Mumbai, and bring along the great stories that you doubtless have to tell.

IAPRI Events

May 22 2023

31st IAPRI Member Conference 2023 - Navi Mumbai, India

"Responsible Packaging for a Better Future " will be hosted by the SIES School of Packaging & Packaging Technology Center in Navi Mumbai, India.

24th IAPRI World Conference - 2024, Valencia, Spain

ITENE's 30th Anniversary takes place in 2024 and they are proud to host IAPRl's 24th World Packaging Conference as part of their special events and activities devoted to show how knowledge and technology make an impact to build a safer and more sustainable future.

IAPRI member institutes interested in hosting the IAPRI 32nd Member Conference in 2025 can get the Guidelines and Application Form by clicking here

Other Events Sponsored by IAPRI Member Institutes

Career Center

Jan 20 2023

Two collegiate professor positions in the Packaging program at Virginia Tech

One for Industrial Ecology and one for Packaging.
Jan 20 2023

Postdoctoral position in the area of food plastic materials

A postdoctoral position in the area of food plastic materials at the Center of Food Packaging and Packaging Innovation of the University of Santiago de Chile is open. Requirements: Doctor with knowledge in polymers for food packaging (active packaging, electrospining, biodegradability, food packaging interactions…).
Dec 15 2022

MSU Amcor Endowed Chair in Packaging Sustainability

The School of Packaging at Michigan State University invites applications for a full‐time, 9 month Endowed Chair Professor position focusing on sustainable packaging systems with 50% research, 30% teaching, and 20% service/outreach assignment. The position start date is anticipated to be August 2022.
Nov 9 2022

MSU - Assistant Professor - Tenure System

The School of Packaging at Michigan State University invites applications for a full‐time, 9-month tenure track Assistant Professor with 50% teaching, 40% research, and 10% service assignment. The position start date is anticipated to be August 16, 2023.

New Research Papers

Oct 11 2022

Recently Published IAPRI Member Research

Find recently published research papers from IAPRI member institutes.