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May 31 2023

Awards reflect high quality of the IAPRI Member Conference 2023 presentations

The final day of the 2023 IAPRI Member Conference at the SIES School of Packaging in Mumbai, India, saw four researchers recognized and rewarded for the high caliber of their research presentations.
May 27 2023

IAPRI announces 32nd Member Conference 2025 Host

The IAPRI Board of Directors has selected Virginia Tech - Center for Packaging and Unit Load Design Center to host the event June 9-12, 2025 in Roanoke, Virginia, United States.

Research News

May 26 2023

Clemson awards three research grants for food-related projects

In the US, the Sonoco FRESH initiative at Clemson University has awarded three research grants to projects addressing the safety, sustainability and security of food through the supply chain.
May 12 2023

IATA, Spain, evaluates algae for packaging

Spain’s Institute of Agrochemistry and Food Technology (IATA-CSIC) has said that its work on a major European project looking at algae applications in food and feed could also lead to new formulations for packaging.

Member News

May 11 2023

ISTA announces the release of a new testing protocol called ISTA 3L

ISTA 3L is a generalized e-commerce retailer fulfillment test. It will allow companies to simulate the many hazards encountered when product orders are shipped directly to consumers through the e-commerce retailer fulfillment systems employed by companies like, Walmart, Sam’s Club, Costco, The Home Depot and more.
Apr 28 2023

MSU’s renovated SoP has official opening

The newly renovated School of Packaging (SoP) at Michigan State University (MSU) had its official opening on April 20, after a fundraising campaign generated more than $10 million for the project.

Conference Spotlight

Jun 1 2023

LinkedIn posting from Manasvi Khatawkar, Student at SIES Graduate School Of Technology

I recently had the privilege of attending an international conference IAPRI that proved to be an exceptional and captivating event. As an attendee, I was truly mesmerized by the valuable insights shared and the inspiring atmosphere that permeated throughout the event.

Technology Spotlight

Apr 27 2023

Migration testing for paper-based packaging

As the focus on renewable raw materials for packaging intensifies, there is a growing need to find more consistent and accurate ways of testing paper and board to ensure compliance with regulations and to evaluate potential migration into food.

Member Profile

May 27 2023

Constantia Flexibles: internal capabilities and external partners

One of the organizations to have joined IAPRI most recently, corporate member and international business Constantia Flexibles is divided into two divisions – Pharma and Consumer - and has extensive R&D operations at both group and division level.


May 27 2023

You really missed it, if you didn’t travel to India!

I am sorry if you were not able to attend, but you really missed a wonderful few days in Navi Mumbai. It was fabulous to experience the feeling of IAPRI members coming together once again to share our research, our stories from the past few years and really enjoying seeing old friends and meeting new ones.

IAPRI Events

24th IAPRI World Conference - 2024, Valencia, Spain

ITENE's 30th Anniversary takes place in 2024 and they are proud to host IAPRl's 24th World Packaging Conference as part of their special events and activities devoted to show how knowledge and technology make an impact to build a safer and more sustainable future.

IAPRI member institutes interested in hosting the IAPRI 32nd Member Conference in 2025 can get the Guidelines and Application Form by clicking here

New Research Papers

Oct 11 2022

Recently Published IAPRI Member Research

Find recently published research papers from IAPRI member institutes.

Career Center

Apr 18 2023

The School of Packaging at Michigan State University - Graduate Program Director

The School of Packaging at Michigan State University (MSU) is seeking qualified applicants for a Graduate Program Director at the Assistant, Associate or Professor rank. This is a 100% time, 12 month fixed-term position with 90% administrative and 10% service/outreach duties.
Mar 7 2023

Opening at Virginia Tech

The packaging program at Virginia Tech is looking for a Collegiate Assistant Professor in packaging. The position is predominantly teaching position with some opportunities for industry engagement and undergraduate research.