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Feb 25 2021

Become an IAPRI Member Conference Sponsor

The IAPRI Board of Directors encourages all members to consider the opportunity of becoming a sponsor of the 30th IAPRI Member Conference in 2021. Being a sponsor indicates you are willing to contribute to the packaging research community to which the IAPRI member institutes and their researchers belong.
Nov 23 2020

IAPRI Announces Changes to its By-Laws & Operating Policies

The membership has approved changes to the by-laws and the Board of Directors have changed the Operating Policies to coincide with the by-laws. This completes the last steps in a review and revision process that the board has been working on for the past few years.

Research News

Feb 28 2021

Karlstad examines recycling for food-waste LCA

Karlstad University, Sweden, is funding a PhD research project looking in detail at real recycling rates for different types of food packaging, how these reduce (if at all) the overall carbon footprint of packaging, and how this in turn can be weighed in lifecycle analysis (LCA) against reductions in food waste resulting from its use.
Feb 22 2021

Alliance to End Plastic Waste seeking research proposals

Alliance To End Plastic Waste, a nonprofit organization that brings together government, companies & community to end plastic waste in the environment is seeking your ideas to be a part of the solution

Member News

Feb 26 2021

Compostability testing for ITENE

ITENE, Spain, has obtained DIN CERTCO certification to be able to carry out home compostability testing in its laboratories.
Feb 25 2021

UN’s World Food Programme head praises role of packaging and R&D at Clemson Summit

The executive director of the World Food Programme (WFP), last week, opened Clemson University’s inaugural Food, Packaging & Sustainability Summit by underlining the critical importance of packaging in combatting food waste and the role that institutions such as Clemson can play in working with the WFP to find solutions.

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Conference Spotlight

Nov 27 2020

Latest developments with active & intelligent packaging

In the last of our series highlighting areas of the 2020 IAPRI Online Conference, we look at new research grappling with topics from controlled antimicrobial release to colour-change freshness indicators.

Technology Spotlight

Feb 26 2021

Strategies for scaling up

You have a fantastic new technology or novel material, but how do you scale it up and demonstrate a route to commercialisation? IAPRI members share their experiences in different areas.

Member Profile

Jan 28 2021

Intel: when the ‘outside’ matters as much as the ‘inside’

Corporate member Intel may be famed for its ‘Intel inside’ tagline, but the company ensures that its Transport Media and Materials Engineering (TMME) group pays just as much attention to what is ‘outside’ in the form of packaging – and remains hopeful that IAPRI’s live events will soon provide valuable support to its research, design and testing.


Dec 14 2020

It is time for YOU to step up!!!

IAPRI, like all associations, companies and individuals is being challenged in many ways by the Coronavirus. We have a great opportunity, not only to survive, but to thrive because of learning more ways to generate benefits for our packaging research community and have some fun too.

IAPRI Events

Jun 15 2021

30th IAPRI 2021 Member Conference - Virtual Series

It is currently anticipated that the 30th IAPRI Member Conference will be held during the period of June 17-24, 2021 as a virtual series of live presentations like the in-person version of technical track presentations on packaging research from IAPRI members. Although it is going to be virtual, we are working hard to make the Conference as informative and fun as a face-to-face event.

It will be a Zoom Virtual Meeting and the Conference Committee is curren...

Jun 12 2022

23rd IAPRI World Conference on Packaging - PACKAGING FOR WORLD CRISIS hosted by the Thai Packaging Centre

The IAPRI Board of Directors has selected the Thai Packaging Centre to host the 2022 World Conference in Bangkok, Thailand in June of 2022.

PROPAK Asia 2022 will be held during 15-18 June 2022 at the same venue of the IAPRI conference.

May 25 2023

31st IAPRI Member Conference May 2023 Navi Mumbai, India

The SIES School of Packaging & Packaging Technology Center and the IAPRI Board of Directors have moved the Member Conference from 2021 back to 2023 due to the continued global impact of the Coronavirus.

IAPRI member institutes interested in hosting the IAPRI World Conference in 2024 can get the Guidelines and Application Form by clicking here

Career Center

Feb 26 2021

Michigan State University School of Packaging Job Openings

With two instructors retiring and one Ph.D. leaving MSU has two instructor positions (no PHD required only industry experience) and one PH.D position in Machinery.
Feb 25 2021

University of Wisconsin – Stout is seeking a candidate for an opening in the packaging program.

UW Stout announces an opening to teach in the Packaging program. One of their faculty members will be retiring at the end of this term and they need to backfill that position before the start of the Fall 2021 term.