Board of Directors

IAPRI Officers

 Term 2022-2025

Roland ten Klooster

President, IAPRI

Chair of the Packaging Design and Management program at University of Twente in The Netherlands

Rolands's core research is on packaging decision making in the fields of sustainability, convenience, efficiency. He led the team at the University of Twente hosting the very successful IAPRI member conference in 2019.  He is also co-owner of Plato product consultants, an agency in structural packaging design.

Roland desire is to make the field of packaging (hopefully) a (little) bit more professional without disqualifying the work that has been done.

His goals for IAPRI include to show the outer world that packaging is a profession. Packaging is a serving entity that will never have the first attention. We must make sure that packaging is taken up in decisions about the product, about production, design, transport, costs, sustainability etc.

Various working groups of the Association of Dutch Packaging Experts is were Roland volunteers.

 Term 2022-2025

Yves Wyser

Vice President, IAPRI

R&D Expert in Packaging, Nestle Research Center, Société des produits Nestlé, Lausanne Switzerland

Yves holds a PhD in Materials Science from the Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne, Switzerland (Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, EPFL). Since over 25 years, he is working at Nestlé Research, at the Nestlé Institute of Packaging Science, supporting Nestlé’s 2025 commitments on packaging with science based research, a special focus on the assessment of the performance of novel packaging materials & technologies, and Shelf-life prediction tools development. Further, he is since January 2018 an associate editor for Wileys Packaging Technology and Science, focusing on manuscript related to new packaging materials. 

Yves is the representative of the first Corporate IAPRI member and, as such, has attended most IAPRI events since 2006 and co-organized the 2017 Symposium with the The School of Engineering and Management Vaud.

 Term 2022-2025

Jay Singh

Immediate Past President, IAPRI

Professor, Cal Poly State University, San Luis Obispo, California, USA

Jay enjoys an international reputation for research and consulting related to package design, distribution environment measurement and simulation, material and package testing, product-package compatibility validation, Life Cycle Assessment and Radio Frequency Identification applications for packaging. He has consulted with over 200 companies on various packaging research projects in the last 25 years in the automotive, pharmaceutical/medical device, food and beverage, furniture and several other consumer product categories.


Edward A. Church

Secretary General, IAPRI

Ed was President of the International Safe Transit Association (ISTA), serving in that capacity from 1995 until 2016. He is a graduate of the Michigan State University School of Packaging with both a Bachelor and Master of Science Degrees in Packaging. He is an IoPP Fellow and Lifetime Certified Packaging Professional and has an extensive background in transport packaging performance testing. He was one of the founders of Lansmont Corporation, serving in many capacities including President. He is a member of the ASTM D-10 and past board member of IAPRI. Church is a Past President and Chairman of the Board of the Institute of Packaging Professionals (IoPP) and is an Honorary Life Member.  He has been inducted into the National Packaging Hall of Fame and the MSU Packaging Hall of Fame. Ed is also the recipient of the ISTA 2016 R. David LeButt Award.

In his 56-year career in packaging, he has given over 100 conference presentations around the world. 

Ed became the Secretary General of IAPRI in January of 2018.


Institutional Board Members

 Term 2021-2024

Péter Böröcz 

Associate Professor - Head of Packaging Laboratory at Széchenyi István University in Gyr, Hungary

Peter is a transportation engineer with a PhD in packaging. His main research topics are: Packaging testing methods for transport simulation purposes; Packaging dynamics during distribution; Mathematical optimization of packaging solutions with game theory and fuzzy method. Author of more than 40 peer-reviewed papers in international packaging journals, and presented more than 40 papers at packaging conferences. Supervisor of many PhD research works, and furthermore actively participates in researches and scientific papers in international cooperation. Member of IAPRI (International Association of Packaging Research Institutes) and ISTA (International Safe Transport Association), board member of Hungarian Association of Packaging and Materials Handling and for COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology) Packaging Action (CA19124). 

 Term 2022 - 2025

Mieke Buntinx

Associate professor, Faculty of Engineering Technology, Hasselt University, Belgium
Staff member of Materials and Packaging Research & Services, Institute for Materials Research IMO-IMOMECl

Mieke is bio-engineer in chemistry with a strong interest in R&D of sustainable, smart and safe packaging. As professor, she motivates young engineers of UHasselt, KU Leuven and UGhent to study and tackle current and future packaging challenges. The MPR&S team has built expertise in gas permeability, physical-mechanical material characterization, impact of environmental variables, seal technologies, etc.

Mieke is promotor of PhD research on functional barriers such as EVOH that can protect against migration, and on modeling process, structure, property and migration relationships in functionalized biopolymer nanocomposites, which are produced by extrusion and injection molding, centrifugal fiber spinning, ultrasonic spray coating, compression molding. She’s very open to collaboration with the industry and other research institutes including Pack4Food, Fraunhofer IIV, ... in applied research projects, e.g. intelligent fiber-based packaging. On the board, Mieke wants to continue to promote international networking and student exchange.

She wants IAPRI to motivate engineers and scientists to help solve packaging challenges in a circular economy.


Term 2023-2026

Witchuda Daud 
Director of Advance Polymer Technology Research Group
National Metal and Materials Technology Center, Thailand

Witchuda has attended two IAPRI Member Conferences and has contributed to several conference and peer-reviewed papers as a co-author over the past 10 years. She contributed to IAPRI's monthly e-newsletter, where she wrote about a practical training program that MTEC is currently organizing. Sharing this valuable information with the IAPRI community and contributing to the promotion of sustainable packaging practices.

Witchuda brings a diverse range of experience to IAPRI with an extensive experience in packaging research and development, including modified atmosphere packaging, climate and environmental controlled film, plastics film processing, and polymer compounding. She also has experience in project management, having overseen several large-scale packaging projects from start to finish. 

She has experience organizing training courses, seminars, and forums related to packaging technology and circular economy. She served on Thai Industrial Standards' Sub-committees and has gained a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities related to sustainability and circularity in the packaging industry. 

Witchuda feels that IAPRI should focus on advancing the science, technology, and sustainability of packaging, while promoting collaboration, innovation, and education.

 Term -2021 - 2024
Cristina Fernanda Guzman Siller

Professor, Universidad de Monterrey
Monterrey, Mexico

Cristina Guzman is an associate professor at the Universidad de Monterrey, she is an Industrial Designer with a Ph.D. at Michigan State University. She has been an entrepreneur and had 28 years in Academics.

Cristina has specialized in the R&D of new products, both at the academic and industrial levels, and collaborates with the research center ABRE-UDEM as an Industrial Consultant and trainer in packaging Innovation. She has national and international publications, is part of three international editorial councils, and belongs to several organizations: IAPRI  since 2007, ISTA IOPP, AMEE, FDRS, WDO, DI-Integra.

On IAPRI is Involved on working groups of sustainable packaging, packaging, and consumers, active and intelligent packaging. Was the organizer of the 22nd IAPRI World Congress 2020 -Online. Cristina believes research and industry need to work together and it is the reason why she collaborated with Academy meets Industry project (AMI). 

 Term 2022-2025

Laszlo Horvath

Associate Professor, Director - Center for Packaging and Unit Load Design, Virginia Tech, USA

Laszlo has a Ph.D. in Forest Biomaterials Science from North Carolina State University, two Master of Science degrees and a BS from the University of West Hungary.

He leads the Center for Packaging and Unit Load Design which is a research and testing center focusing on developing innovative technologies and information to optimize the global distribution of goods. Laszlo is an expert in pallet and unit load design and the industrial design sector.

As an Associate Professor, his teaching focuses on protective and industrial packaging to undergraduate level students and advanced packaging dynamics for graduate students. His research is focused on the investigation of the physical interactions between the components of unit load and increasing the sustainability of the packaging supply chain through more efficient distribution packaging design.

He participates in ISO, ASTM, and ANSI working groups and committees and as a US delegate to the ISO.

Laszlo is one of the few Packaging Laboratory Professionals that hold the Professional level certificates. Laszlo was also awarded the Best Scientific Presentation Award in 2017 at the 28th IAPRI Symposium on Packaging.


Term 2023-2026
Marit Kvalvåg Pettersen
Senior Research Scientist, Food Safety and Quality
Nofima, Norway

Marit has attended IAPRI conferences almost every other year since 2005. She has participated on scientific committees, and an active participant in Communities of Practice.
As a researcher at Nofima, her focus has been applied research within food packaging. This includes material science, food quality, interaction food/packaging. - with a focus on sustainability and challenges and issues related to packaging. She has been a project manager of several national research programs as well as EU projects, often with involvements of the industry. She has a strong connection to the industry and potential to identify their challenges and needs.

She believes that IAPRI is an important global scientific network, and it highly encourages her to be a part of the future packaging and to be able to help to define/design the role of IAPRI for the future. I would like to participate in promoting the importance of packaging in relation to sustainability. The goals of IAPRI should be sustainability – not just in words but in practice. 

 Term 2022-2025

Eric Martine

Head of Packaging Laboratory, School of Engineering and Management Vaud (HEIG-VD), Switzerland

Eric had a BSc in Instrumentation & Measurement from Sheffield Hallam University in England and a Packaging Engineering Degree (ESIEC) from Rheims University in France.

As Head of the Packaging Laboratory, managers all activities of the lab including strategy development, budgeting, research, and the staff. He brings to the board a strong scientific knowledge and skills (especially in the field of the performances and choice of packaging) as well as a global overview of the field of packaging.

He has attended most IAPRI events since 2006. He was a co-organizer of the 28th IAPRI Member Conference held in Lausanne, Switzerland in 2017 with Nestle Research Center. Eric is involved with many other packaging organizations, including Cluster Food and Nutrition, Swiss Plastics Cluster, Schweizer Verpackung Institute, and  Active and Intelligent Packaging Industry Association.

Eric wants to actively promote and develop IAPRI more globally.  He wants to assist IAPRI to new opportunities to organize (new types of) international events to promote the field of packaging in relation to current and future challenges. 


Teerm 2023-2026

Johanna Lahti
Senior Scientist,
VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd, Sustainable Materials and Products, Finland

Has been an active member since 2019 through Tampere University (TAU) and changed in 2022 to VTT. She has a lot of experience in academic research and education at different levels - BSc, MSc and doctoral levels at different universities, with experience in supervising students and thesis works.

Johanna has given presentations at conferences and educational events, having worked on many different types of projects. This has given her quite a large network in the field of packaging. In addition, her research has always been very close to industry, so she also has good contacts in relevant industries.

Serving on the board, she wants to contribute to development of packaging education and to promote the research in packaging field, because there are lot of different things that could be developed in the packaging sector, but it requires collaboration between different parties. Supporting researchers and education in the packaging field is important.

 Term 2022-2025

Vincent Rouillard

Professor in Mechanical Engineering, Victoria University, Australia 

Vincent has a PhD from Monash University and he has been involved in packaging research for nearly three decades. Vincent leads the Engineered Packaging and Distribution Research Group at Victoria University which is aimed at increasing the overall effectiveness of protective packaging, reducing the environmental impact of packaging and minimizing packaging waste. He teaches a variety of Engineering units such as Vibrations, Dynamics, Computing and Experimentation as well as Engineering Modelling and Analysis. His main research interests deal with the measurement, analysis and simulation of non-stationary and non-Gaussian random processes. His efforts have involved the characterization and simulation of environmental shock and vibration with application to transport dynamics including pavement topography and the dynamic interaction between pavements, vehicles and products during transportation.

He is an associate editor of the Journal of Packaging Technology and Science, the foundation chair of the IAPRI Working Group for Distribution Packaging, a member of the Technical Board of the International Safe Transit Association and a member of the ASTM International Committee on Packaging. He has held visiting positions at Monash University, Cambridge University, DSTO and the Spanish Institute for Packaging, Transport & Logistics (ITENE).

 Term 2022-2025

 Jun Wang

Professor in the School of Mechanical Engineering, Department of Packaging Engineering at Jiangnan University, China  

Jun is the technical director of National packaging testing center, Secretary General of several organizations including the Professional Committee of China Packaging Institutes. Involved in IAPRI events since 2008's conference held in Thailand, he presented for the first time in 2010 at the conference held in Tianjin. At Zhuhai's IAPRI conference 2018, he co-organized the first event to feature a trial Academia Meets Industry session.

He has consulted for over 50 brand owners and packaging suppliers all over the world with China market. He is also the editorial board member of Packaging Technology and Science.


 Term 2023-2026

Selcuk Yildirim

Professor, in food packaging at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences in Switzerland.

Dr. Yildirim chairs the Community of Practice Food Packaging and is actively involved in collaborative research projects in both EU programs and industry-financed research programs, maintaining strong connections to the industry.

Selcuk thinks IAPRI is the most important scientific network in the area of packaging that brings the scientist and the industry in this field together and facilitate scientific exchange for research and teaching. He hopes with his   experiences   he can contribute to strengthen this exchange and the collaboration, especially collaboration between the scientific community and industry.


Corporate Member Board Members

 Term 2022-2025

Eric Joneson

Vice President of Technology, Lansmont Corporation, USA

Eric has a BS in Packaging from Michigan State University is a subject matter expert in the areas of supply chain environmental measurement, analysis and development of directly associated laboratory testing applications. He has over 30 of experience in various roles with Lansmont including eleven years managing dynamic laboratory testing facilities.

Eric has actively participated in group research efforts that resulted in new, or modified industry test standards with ISTA, ASTM, and ISO. He has served on the ISTA Board of Directors, including as Chair

He serves as Lansmonts professional Liaison with the higher education and research communities which has included numerous guest lectures at Packaging Universities and over 20 years of active participation in global Packaging research events and conferences

Eric has been very active with IAPRI for many years as well as ISTA, ASTM D10 on Packaging and EUMOS.

IAPRI Past Presidents

Secretary Generals