About Us

IAPRI, was established in 1971 as an international membership association to promote packaging research and education. IAPRI is a unique global network which allows organizations to communicate and develop ideas, exchange experiences and in many cases reduce duplication of effort.

The aims of IAPRI 
  • To establish and advance professional and personal relations between representatives of packaging research and/or education institutions in the world.
  • To share information and to obtain peer review with respect to methodology, analysis, and potential outcomes at early stages of research projects.
  • To exchange projected research interests which are being planned by institutions.
  • To exchange experience with respect to instrumentation, measurement and analysis techniques especially as they relate to development of new standards and test methods.
  • To give advice on the equipment and apparatus which may be employed by member institutions for specific research testing or education in packaging.
  • To avoid duplication of work by means of the above exchange of information between institutions during IAPRI working groups and conferences. 
  • To promote packaging science and technology to important target groups, including   international organizations, government bodies and foundations.
  • To contribute to the academic recognition of education programs on packaging.

These aims are supported and enabled by:
  • The publication of a newsletter, Working Group information and calendar of events on the IAPRI website.
  • The arrangement of IAPRI conferences, symposia, lectures and other educational activities.
  • The development of interaction with publishers to facilitate the recognition and publishing of scientific and scholarly work.

IAPRI Operating Policies

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